Thursday, August 20, 2009

It's been a little while...

Well I haven't posted in a bit, probably because I've not had much to say. Regardless, I will post now, even though I'm not sure what I will be writing about.

Perhaps it's time for a general update. My life is fairly hectic right now, what with working 50 hours a week and getting ready to move down to Shoreline, WA for school. I'm also trying to find a car because my current car, Pig (1989 Nissan Sentra), would have a hard time driving back and forth between Everson and Seattle. I also just got approved for my apartment, so that's all settled. I've just got to sign the lease and then I can start moving down Sept. 1st. I probably won't be fully moved down until the 18th or so though. I'm also looking for a part time job in Shoreline, which is a little hard when I'm still living in Everson. So yeah, my life is pretty busy at the moment, which is ok but I really appreciate the weekends.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Cuteness defined...

Ok, so I was talking to my brother on facebook and somehow it got around to famous people that I think are hot/cute and since I have a recurring pair, I thought I'd post them up here. Perhaps this will offer some particular insight into how my mind works or something. Either way it's juicy stuff, so here goes.

1st up is Hailey Williams, the lead singer of the band Paramore. Here are some pics.

Not sure what is it about her. I really like her hair and I dunno. Anywho she's super cute and also my age. So I just have to start a band, get famous, meet her and then all will be swell because I'm sure she'd go for me.

Next up is Regina Spektor, who is just amazing, musically, but also happens to be pretty dang cute. See picture.

She's got a bit of a unique style about her, but yeah. Pretty cute. So that's it. Ringo Starr and Brad Pitt just about made it into the top two, but alas...

Monday, August 3, 2009

How I became a Merry Man...

Regardless of the slightly fishy title, this post is about how I became a midieval archer for a day, not about me coming out of the closet. Anywho, this past weekend I went down to Buckley, Washington with my friend Troy, in order to attend the yearly Washington Renaissance Faire. Since I didn't have a suitable complete costume I borrowed a good deal of things from Troy (who has a extensive collection of such things) and used a bit of things that I had. The end result was, if I say so myself, fairly impressive. I had leather boots, simple green pants, a green tunic, leather bracers with metal scales, a green leather hood with shoulder pieces, and a leather belt/harness which carried my short sword and quiver of arrows. Of course I also had a bow slung over one shoulder. All of this was topped off with my rather bushy beard which I had been growing for just such an occasion. Most unfortunately I forgot my camera at home and Troy did not have photographic equipement either. At some point I will dress up in the costume again and take a couple of pictures.

The Faire is quite large, and consists of a whole bunch of booths and tents selling midieval merchandise and equipment as well as several stages and places for events and shows. Costumed Faire-goers roam the event talking in british accents which were sometimes pretty poorly done, but I guess you've got to give them credit for trying. Lots of regular uncostumed folk attend the Faire as well, to browse through the booths and see the shows. There are stalls selling food and such as well. In short, it's many of the things you would find at a county fair, but with the added medievalness. It was a great time and I made a few purchases myself which I hope to wear at the next fair in October. I picked up a pair of pants, a shirt, some sandles and a leather belt pouch. Once pictures of this year's Faire are up on their website I'll snag a few and put them up here.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Give me rain or give me death.

So currently my region is in the middle of a heat wave. Today it hit 102 degrees fahrenheit, as the high temp, which is just




Needless to say I haven't stopped sweating for the past three days. Tomorrow is supposed to be the peak of the high temps and then it should start to slowly level out to more normal summer warmth. I can't wait. Bring on fall and the rain. The heck with summer.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

VirginFest Aftermath

So VirginFest was a really excellent time all around. It was great to have a day to hangout with my brother as well, as opportunities to do such are pretty rare, now that he's married. The festival was smaller than I had supposed, but still decently sized. Me and Nicky were in the front couple of rows for Mutemath and had an excellent view of the band. We got some excellent pictures and Nicky got some surprisingly good video off of Mum's little camera. Mutemath, although they experienced a few technical difficulties, put on a great show (they are known for their energetic live show).

K-OS played a little later in the afternoon and was great as well. He sings a fair bit for a rapper, and he was in good voice. He band was also really tight, musically, which was nice.

There were also these girls dressed in bush costumes (some kind of wire mesh and leaf arrangement) who ran about the festival.

So yeah, all in all good times. My goal next year is to attend Sasquatch, which is a much larger festival with more of an indie bent, which I am all for.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Virgin Festival, Vancouver

This may sound like a slightly dodgy event, but actually it's a music festival, held in Canada.

This summer I told myself that I would go to a decent music festival and so this morning, in a little less than two hours, me and my brother are going to V-Fest, in Deer Lake Park, Burnaby, BC, Canada. The big attraction for me is Mutemath who are known for their live shows. My favorite rapper, K-OS, is also playing along with a host of other bands. Good times, definitely.

I'll try to bring my camera along and snag some pics, but I'm not sure what their rules regarding cameras are, so we'll see.

Expect a followup review in a couple of days.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Part of a Poem

Spindrop through the rushing. And so down.

Through white space, until you hit the ground.

Landing site ringing hollow. And so empty.

Dazed on the ground, after the rushing down.

Tall rise, stone spires follow. And so after.

You walk out west, landing site behind.

Indigo skies suspend fireflies. And so glow.

Pulsing white light, ascent of the shimmer.

Slipby and through the soft night, then drink

Starlight is liquid ink, your insides will blink

Green hillside sighs, his center is missing

Tread lightly his head, he has already bled

Water will flow, and so down, seafoam grey

Moon face gleaming, his daughter is dreaming

Swim through, current pull and so undertow

Drown down, world is blue and so are you